Mellisa Yazzie Sterling Silver & Multi Stone Lizard Pin

12 08 2010


Sterling silver Native American design Lizard lapel pin with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, orange spiny oyster shell, jet and green malachite stone.


This Brooch starts with a sterling silver plate which this design is cut, hand stamped, notched and  polished. One sterling bezel is set on top of the sterling. Native inlay channel work of  hand cut and polished Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones, malachite, jet and orange spiny oyster shells are set within the  bezel. On the backside is a traditional lapel pin as well as  the artists hallmark.

This pin is light in weight yet hand tooled with distinct design and pattern with a shimmer from the polished sterling silver. The hand notched stamps are accented clearly  with character. A compliment to anyone’s lapel. 


The back is stamped with “Sterling” as well as the artists initials “M” for Mellisa  Yazzie. “Yazzie” is as popular a name in the Southwest as “Smith” can be in the USA but when an artist has the last name Yazzie you know it is related to a silversmith or another talented and family taught Native American artist. Mellisa is no exception and comes from a family of many talents and artistic abilities.


This piece measures 2.75 inches long and .90 inches across at the from toe to toe,claw to claw or paw to paw.The tail is 1 1/2 inches long from the end of the bezel.


 .40 ounces


Certificate of Authenticity – This original piece of Native American art is new unless otherwise listed as vintage or pawn.  It will arrive accompanied by our official Letter of Authenticity which documents the Native American artists name, tribal affiliation, gemstone materials, sterling silver and the price you paid so that it will help you establish and maintain accurate records.    We take the utmost care in shipping it to you and it will arrive cleaned, polished and well packed for safety in a sealed bag wrapped in tissue paper in a gift bag.     

Please  take a look at the Wingz of Power site, where you can browse through our beautiful collection of Native American artistry.

Soar ahead!




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