Offbeat retreats – Panama City, Panama

6 06 2010

Straddle two oceans and two continents on a jaunt to Panama.

As the geographical lever between two continents and two oceans, the region around Panama City offers culture-soaked urban excursions and ecological nature sprees. Fathom the complex lock system of the awesome Panama Canal, where hefty ships are raised and lowered like toy boats in a draining bathtub.

Pedal, blade or stroll the Amador Causeway, a trafficked conduit linking three islands with the mainland. Leap through one of the country?s national parks or jungle habitat. Check out Chagres, the largest local park protecting the canal?s basin.

Admire Casco Viejo, the architectural insignia of Panama City’s colonial past. Eat indigenous specialties like corvine (sea bass) ceviche seasoned with limejuice, peppers and onions and buy molas, vibrant, Kuna Indian-made embroidery to remind yourself of your colorful discoveries down south.

Location, location, location! Panama can also be a fantastic jumping point to not only enjoy, but to access so many fascinating points both north and south.

Enjoy your vacation!




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