27 05 2010

Choose Your  Cruise!

Welcome to Soens Travel Adventures!  Stay along for the ride, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  Today, I’d like to highlight our cruise section.  We handle bookings for twenty-four cruise lines, to make sure you’ll never, ever be bored.   You’ll love re-living history by traveling along the American coast.  Perhaps you’d prefer a glimpse at the majesty of glacial formations around Alaska, Scandinavia or Iceland?  Of course, we also offer a magnficent parade of legendary beaches, waiting just for you.  There’s no other way of getting so much in one vacation.  A cruise takes you to various locations, but while you’re getting there, you have the luxurious setting of the ship to explore, complete with gourmet food, fantastic shows and of course, romantic sunsets seen from the deck. 

Our cruise listings detail the size of each ship, along with all the features that make your voyage special, such as jacuzzis, swimming pools, number of decks, verandas… the list goes on and on.  Along with that are convenient listings for wheelchair accessiblity, laundry facilities, tipping policies and attire expectations.

Please indulge yourself with a visit to www.soenstraveladventures.com for a magical description of what you may be doing soon.

Do you need something that isn’t travel related and like to shop from the comfort of your own home?  Click on the ZamZuu button on our site and continue living easy.




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